sábado, 27 de março de 2010

PPEL, Unit 1, Task 3

I've reviewed Isabel Manteigas's AB: http://isabelmanteigas-elearning.blogspot.com/2010/03/cooperative-freedom-annotated.html
Isabel did a wonderful job.
First, she looked into the dictionary for the meaning of booth cooperate and collaborate meaning, which was very useful for the understanding of her work.
Then, Isabel presented two articles: Ted Panitz's, Collaborative versus Cooperative Learning, and Prof. Morten Paulsen's Cooperative Freedom: an online Education Theory in Online Education.
At last, Isabel presented some conclusions of the authors.
Isabel reveals a good capacity of syntheses. Her annotations and notes are accurate and clear.
I really enjoy Isabel’s Annotated Bibliography.
However, I would like to read her own conclusion, beside the referred author's conclusions.

I've reviewed Isabel Manteigas's LO: http://toonlet.com/creator/isamant
It's a very well done piece of work.
Her cartoon really caught the meaning of the Distance Education.
In a funny way, Isabel showed the advantages of Distance Education and Learning Partnership.
With this example, she demonstrated that, despite our family and work commitments, we can continue our studies and improve our education level and achieve further knowledge and skills.

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  1. Hello Fernando
    Thanks for your words.
    I agree with the lack of my conclusions. I will take this into account in the next annotated bibliography.
    Best regards