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PPEL, Unit 2, Task 3

Review of António Pedro's AB and LO about Online Teaching Techniques

I've reviewed António Pedro's AB.
It's a very well done piece of work. He chose two books and two websites:

1) The Theory and Practice of Online Learning, Terry Anderson and others, second edition, May 2008, Athabasca University Press.

António Pedro refers this book as "necessary to know what is behind the distance learning".
I agree with him. It was a very good choice.
This book tells us about "theory, administration, tools, and methods of designing and delivering learning online".
In his AB, our colleague focuses chapters 2 and 11, in particular, where the subjects "Toward a Theory of Online Learning" and "Teaching in an Online Learning Context" are developed.
I think the objective of learning about online teaching would be achieved by reading this book.

2) Paulsen, M. F. 2003. Online Education and Learning Management Systems Global E-learning in a Scandinavian Perspective, 58 - 84/131. Nki Forlaget. Norway.

Here, António Pedro presents four online teaching methods and several teaching techniques and devices, according Prof. Morten Paulsen.
This AB could be even better if it had developed a little bit further this subject, exploring this book's contents.

3) The website Illinois Online Network, http://www.ion.uillinois.edu/
ION seeks to promote the effective use of networked on information technologies, to enhance traditional classroom instruction, and to build the foundation for developing, delivering, and supporting online education throughout the world.

A. Pedro had the merit of choosing and sharing with us this website as a good example of what an University can do for his students and teachers.

4) The website Teachers.tv, http://www.teachers.tv/
Through engaging videos, practical resources and an active online community, Teachers TV supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field.

António Pedro picked up an excellent website to provide videos and many others practical resources that teachers can use in their LO's.
I would recommend this website to all teachers, not only in UK, but all over the world.

Overall, I really enjoyed this AB and I sure learnt a lot by reading it.

I've reviewed also António Pedro's LO.
Using Wix, António Pedro did a wonderful job.
In a very simple but practical LO, he managed to give us an idea about Online Teaching Techniques.
The graphics are very suitable and appellative for a children's class, but they can work as well in an adult's class.
I really enjoy António Pedro’s presentation. However, I would like to see in his LO the definition of Online Teaching Techniques.

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