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PPEL, Unit 2, Task 4

RolePlay discussion


I am Jorge Forhilde, I’m 46 years old and I live in Coimbra, Portugal.
I have a 15 years old daughter, Sara.

I am programming languages teacher at the Institution of Engineering and Technology of Coimbra.
I also teach Programming Techniques and Software Engineering as an online teacher.
I teach both face-to-face and at the distance, which does not give me much space and time freedom.
Simultaneously, I have to provide feedback on students' performance and develop e-learning material.
Thus, my biggest challenge is to manage my time the best possible way.
I have to use some techniques to reduce my workload. Here are a couple of them, taught by a Norwegian friend of mine: I created and maintain a large database of answers to my students' FAQs and I use the forums instead of individual e-mails, so others students can find answers to a lot of questions already asked.
I use also several templates of reports, assessments, standard letters and messages, and a lot of spreadsheets and data bases, in order to organize my data and save time.
However, the key of my workload reduction is the organization of my work and the preparation in advance of my tasks. Without it my life would be chaotic.
I will stay tuned to new methods that I may learn from your communications.

Best regards
Jorge Forhilde

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